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Child Support

Learn How to Calculate Child Support and Other Divorce-Related Payments in Ohio

Planning for your child’s financial future

Child support is determined by a statutorily mandated set of factors applied to each parent’s financial situation. Ernst & Associates’ many decades of family law experience in Mason, Lebanon, West Chester and other areas in southwestern Ohio allows our firm to work closely with you to make sure that your child receives the correct amount of support as determined by law, while insuring that the support order accurately reflects the statutory factors.

The child support calculation should take into account at least the following:

  • The annual gross income of both parents
  • Adjustments to income such as other child support obligations and mandatory work-related expenses
  • Annual child support expenses related to education, work or training
  • Health insurance and local tax variables

The calculation process requires a detailed production of your financial resources and your expenses so that your divorce lawyer can help you provide the correct financial figures to the court. Ernst & Associates’ experienced child support lawyers are well-versed in Ohio’s child support statutes and practices, and are ready to assist you to accurately calculate the precise amount of child support to which your child is entitled.

Considerations when filing for alimony or spousal support

Ernst & Associates’ family lawyer located in Lebanon, Ohio is highly conversant with spousal support issues and all related divorce issues. Our divorce and dissolution lawyers have provided decades of satisfactory results to clients throughout southwest Ohio who have had spousal support issues in the context of both divorce support orders and post-divorce modifications of support orders.

You can seek temporary spousal support pending the final outcome of your divorce or dissolution. However, the final spousal support order is not made until after the division of both parties’ marital property. How much spousal support is paid should be based upon 14 statutory factors and the court’s understanding of equitable. Factors considered include:

  • The income of each party
  • The relative earning abilities of the parties
  • The ages and the physical, mental and emotional conditions of the parties
  • The duration of the marriage
  • The standard of living the parties established during the marriage
  • The relative assets and liabilities of the parties

Consult the reputable and trusted Lebanon family law lawyers at Ernst & Associates to obtain sound legal advice about your support considerations. Let us help you address the specific factors affecting your situation.

Protect your financial future with reliable legal counsel

Discuss strategies for protecting your financial future and independence. Contact Ernst & Associates online or by telephone at 513-970-6200 for a free initial consultation with an experienced family law attorney.

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