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Ernst & Associates has a skilled staff of experienced family law attorneys who can help you whether you are seeking a divorce or a dissolution. In Ohio, a dissolution is distinct from a divorce because in a dissolution, you and your spouse agree to a non-adversarial end to your marital relationship. Ernst & Associates’ reputable and trusted dissolution attorneys can work with you to draft a dissolution agreement that is acceptable and fair to both parties. Our Lebanon, Ohio firm is well-respected by lawyers and lay people alike throughout southwest Ohio.

Lebanon family law attorneys explain the steps to dissolution

Let Ernst & Associates’ talented and innovative family law lawyers guide you through the complex requirements of a separation agreement. Unlike a contested divorce where the court hears evidence and makes property division and support orders, dissolution just requires you and your spouse to live separately for at least six months and to draw up a written, mutually satisfactory separation agreement that sets forth:

  • How your marital property is divided
  • How real property is handled
  • How retirement accounts are handled
  • How your mutual debts are paid
  • How custody and visitation are scheduled
  • How child or spousal support are paid

Generally both parties are required to provide full financial disclosure to each other so that there are no hidden assets or debts that would prejudice the separation agreement. Our divorce attorneys in West Chester, OH and surrounding areas have more than 25 years of experience in drafting separation agreements and petitions for dissolution, and we are ready to put our extensive experience at your service.

You and your spouse must appear at the dissolution hearing, in a jurisdiction where at least one of you resides, to assure the judge that you both want dissolution of your marriage, and you both agree that the terms of the separation agreement are fair. If the court finds that the separation agreement is fair, and that both spouses have voluntarily entered into the agreement, then the court enters a judgment of dissolution that includes all the conditions set forth in your agreement.

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To meet with one of Ernst & Associates’ reliable and experienced dissolution attorneys to discuss the issues surrounding your dissolution petition and separation agreement, call us today at 513-970-6200 or contact us online for a free initial consultation.

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