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Lebanon, Ohio Attorneys Represent Clients in Family Law Matters

Providing legal counsel in divorce and custody cases in Warren County

Ohio family law cases deal with intensely personal and emotional issues. When you or your family becomes involved in a matter requiring legal intervention or the courts, you need the services of a law firm with experience, dedication and compassion. At Ernst & Associates, our attorneys have been helping families in the Lebanon area for more than 25 years. We provide compassionate counsel and rigorous representation in a wide variety of situations ranging from drafting prenuptial agreements to finalizing a divorce.

Guiding you through your divorce

Our attorneys skillfully and carefully guide you through the divorce process process. We assist in the filing of divorce papers, the division of assets and any ensuing litigation concerning spousal support and children. We also work with clients seeking to avoid court battles by helping them through an alternative process called dissolution.

Working with the best interests of your children in mind

We know that there is nothing more important to you than your kids. Our decades of experience serve our clients well every time we handle a case involving child support or child custody. We believe children should be raised by both parents whenever possible, and we work to guarantee you access to your children through shared custody or visitation. We also know that child support can be a contentious issue, so we work to reach solutions that are fair to both parents and beneficial to any children involved. When living situations or a child’s needs change, we help parents seek modification of custody agreements and support orders.

Helping families navigate the adoption process

Adoption is often unnecessarily complicated. When there is a child in need and a family willing to provide a home, the solution seems simple. Unfortunately, state, federal and international rules complicate the process. Our attorneys have experience dealing with adoption agencies, foreign governments, and state and federal regulations. Whether you are adopting a child from overseas or simply looking to officially adopt a stepchild, you can trust our firm to take a hands-on approach to your case and provide you with detailed advice throughout the process.

Protecting your assets with prenuptial agreements

Before entering into a marriage, it is important to take a sober and serious look at your financial situation. While everyone wants to believe that their marriage will last, many marriages don’t. To protect yourself and your family, it is important to consider a prenuptial agreement. These agreements help you keep property you have inherited or worked hard to accumulate. They also allow the parties to decide what is fair while they still like each other. This is often much simpler than fighting over assets during a bitter divorce battle.

Call our Warren County attorneys for help when your family’s future is at stake

The compassionate family law attorneys at the Warren County firm of Ernst & Associates work to help you achieve an optimal result in your legal matter. We serve clients in Lebanon, Ohio and the surrounding areas. Call us now at 513-970-6200 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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