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Prenuptial Agreements

Let West Chester, Mason and Lebanon, Ohio Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys Protect Your Assets

Drafting and modifying prenuptial agreements

Ernst & Associates prides itself on its compassionate and individualized service to the members of our community in West Chester, Mason, Lebanon and surrounding Ohio regions. We listen attentively to your concerns and strive to create solutions that meet your needs. Our family law attorneys are eminently qualified to handle all aspects of marital law, from prenuptial agreements to post-divorce modifications of orders. Our firm’s 25 years in practice throughout the courts of southwest Ohio have garnered praise from clients and other attorneys who recognize our track record of successful representation in all aspects of family law.

One sensitive area of family law where we can advise you is the drafting and modification of prenuptial agreements. A prenuptial agreement is a contract drawn up between two people in contemplation of marriage. Otherwise known as a premarital agreement, a prenup can ensure that your personal wealth and any inheritance for your children from a prior relationship are protected. Additional benefits of prenuptial agreements include reduction of litigation costs and acrimony in any subsequent divorce or dissolution. Prenups address such thorny issues as:

  • Who receives what marital property
  • Description of separate property and its ownership
  • Whether or not spousal support is awarded, and if so, how much and for how long and to whom
  • How marital debts are allocated
  • How retirement accounts, investments, stock options and other income-earning funds are divided

A prenuptial agreement cannot address child custody and visitation or child support issues.

Like all contracts, a prenuptial agreement is valid only if it is in writing, it was executed voluntarily by both parties and it is not unconscionable — i.e., it does not heavily favor or burden one party. Although the prenuptial agreement must be notarized, there is no requirement that it be filed with the court. Ernst & Associates’ experienced prenuptial attorneys can advise you on how best to draft your prenuptial agreement so that both you and your future spouse are satisfied with the protection afforded to your assets.

Learn how to modify a prenuptial agreement

Over time, sometimes couples wish to alter their original prenuptial contract. This may be legally complex and should be done in consultation with the experienced Ohio family law attorneys at Ernst & Associates. We can advise you about how to redefine the nature of any particular asset or how to amend agreements in the original prenuptial contract. An oral agreement between the parties to amend their prenuptial contract is not recognized by the court.

Consult with trusted family law advocates

If you want to discuss drafting a prenuptial agreement or wish to modify an existing prenuptial agreement, Ernst & Associates’ discreet and trusted family law attorneys serving clients in West Chester, Mason and Lebanon and surrounding areas in Ohio are at your service. Contact us online or by telephone at 513-970-6200 to arrange a free consultation and take the first steps towards protecting your assets.

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