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Ernst & Associates serving you in DUI charges in Lebanon, Ohio

Ernst & Associates has spent more than 25 years fighting driving while intoxicated and driving under the influence (DUI) charges in the courts of southwest Ohio. Our Lebanon, Ohio DUI attorneys work collaboratively with outside experts, including private investigators, accident reconstruction experts and drug and alcohol experts to challenge your blood alcohol content (BAC) results and police testimony and to provide you with exceptional defenses to these serious charges.

Under Ohio law, you can be charged with DUI and related offenses based on your blood alcohol test alone, or on evidence that you consumed enough alcohol and/or drugs to impair driving. Under the influence does not necessarily mean drunk. The jury only needs to find that the evidence supports the conclusion that you consumed enough alcohol and/or drugs to affect and appreciably impair your ability to drive.

What Ernst & Associates does for your OVI/DUI defense

Our tenacious and experienced West Chester, Ohio DUI attorneys mount an aggressive defense against the evidence brought by the state’s police and prosecutors. Our attorneys are skilled in challenging:

  • The initial stop of your vehicle: The police must have probable cause to stop you. Absent convincing probable cause, car stops are unlawful and the evidence inadmissible.
  • Your field sobriety tests: Your Lebanon, Ohio DUI defense attorney educates the jury about the unreliability of these tests, especially when given at night on poor road surfaces to people who are older or have physical impairments.
  • Your arrest: Your arrest must be based on probable cause. Absent such probable cause, BAC tests results, observations of the police and any other evidence is inadmissible.
  • Your blood alcohol test: Your DUI lawyer informs and persuades the jury about the unreliability of the breath testing process and the probability of having an illegal BAC at the time of testing, but not at the time of the initial car stop by the police.
  • Your prior convictions, if any: A prior conviction may result in greater penalties for your current conviction, so where it appears that these prior convictions may be constitutionally defective, our DUI attorneys try to have your priors dismissed.

Your best defense is a vigorous attack against the entirety of the state’s case.

Consult with an aggressive and winning Ohio OVI/DUI defense firm today

Attorneys at Ernst & Associates, serving the West Chester, Mason and Lebanon areas and beyond, have the skill and experience to mount an aggressive DUI defense on your behalf. Contact us for a free consultation immediately online or by telephone 513-970-6200.

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