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Drug Charges Defense in Lebanon, Ohio

Every drug possession charge should be taken seriously. A conviction for possession of drugs whether cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, meth, drug paraphernalia, or even marijuana can have significant and long lasting consequences. Not only may you face fines, jail or prison, but a drug conviction can impact your current or future employment. Additionally, drug related convictions often carry a mandatory driver’s license suspension as well. The attorneys at Ernst & Associates will vigorously represent you and can work to keep a conviction off your record. We understand the critical issues that often arise in drugs cases such as search and seizure issues, suppression motions, search warrant issues, probable cause issues, vehicles stops, and more. Furthermore, we can explore alternatives and plea bargains such as treatment in lieu of conviction or diversion which can keep a conviction off your record and limit your exposure to penalties. If you have been charged with possession of drugs or possession of drug paraphernalia, we encourage you to contact the Attorneys at Ernst & Associates to discuss your options. We handle all drug charges including:

  • Possession of drugs (marijuana, cocaine , heroin, prescription drugs, meth)
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Drug trafficking/manufacturing
  • State and Federal drug charges

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