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Why is it important to have a Will?

A will is a legal instrument that lets you direct who you want to get your assets and who you want to be in charge of distributing those assets after you pass.  You’ve worked hard throughout your life to accumulate what you have, a house, cars, bank accounts, shouldn’t you have a say on how it’s distributed?  Die (intestate) without one, and the state decides who gets your assets, without regard to your wishes or the needs of your heirs.

Making a will is important to outline who you want to inherit your property when you pass.  Further, making a will is important for people with young children because wills can allow you to indicate who you want to take guardianship of your children if you were to pass.  Further, you can place any inheritance in trust to ensure your assets are preserved for your children when they reach adulthood.

You may amend your will at any time.  It’s a good idea to review it periodically when any life changing events occurs, i.e., death of a spouse, divorce, death of a child, significant change in money/property.

According to the United Way, 60% of Americans die without a Last Will and Testament, leaving the government to decide how to divide their estate. If you want to have the final decision about how your estate is distributed after you pass on, contact Ernst & Associates to set up a free consultation today.

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